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Masters of Backgammon (The Best Backgammon App For iPhone/iPad/iPod)

iPhone, iPad, iPod - Mac, Macbook - Android - 2kbgames bring you the highest quality online backgammon for all...

Backgammon Narde - Game Android Apps on Google Play

Game Offered By AAStudio Narde is a board game for two players in which the playing pieces are moved according...

Pasha Backgammon Android Promo

Backgammon Masters - Backgammon for Android review and download

Go to: and get it free.

Backgammon NJ - Our pick for Top Backgammon App for iOS

App: Backgammon NJ by Jimmy Hu As covered on: Backgammon NJ combines great graphics, strong AI, and customizable settings...

Backgammon Live app for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets

Play backgammon online with real players. No bots! Easy-to-use backgammon board. Hundreds of players playing at all times! Backgammon Live available at Apple's AppStore: (

Let's have a look at Backgammon Lite

Play Backgammon against your phone or against other players all over the... Backgammon Lite2 is developed by Odesys, LLC. Read the full review of Backgammon Lite at

Backgammon Premium iPhone App Review Heres the February 13th iPhone App Review... Premium Version: Lite Version: Website:

Backgammon Plus (Peak Games) - Best Mobile Backgammon

The best backgammon app in android!!!

Roman Backgammon App by EOZ GAMES Sneak Peek

Roman Backgammon by EOZ Games app Sneak Peek

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